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How would you rate the credit rating of the property company?
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The property market is uneven, resulting in some property companies and owners living in harmony, while others are incompatible. Is there any way to solve this situation?

Recently, Baoji Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-rural Development issued the "Measures for the Management of Credit Information of Property Service Enterprises", which will include property enterprises engaged in property service activities into credit management, and strive to build a mechanism of "integrity incentives and untrustworthy punishments". The credit rating of property service enterprises is divided into five grades: AAA, AA, A, B, and C. The management committee of the development zone can implement dynamic supervision and management according to the situation of credit collection, and evaluate the credit rating of property service enterprises once a year. The evaluation criteria are mainly based on basic information, performance information and bad information. It is worth noting that if the property company has one of the following circumstances, it will be directly rated as C grade. Fraud in the credit rating assessment; fraudulently obtain, misappropriate or withhold special maintenance funds in the property management service activities; fail to perform the exit procedure of the property enterprise in accordance with the relevant regulations, withdraw from the property community without authorization, or stop the property service, or refuse to exit Handing over property houses and related materials; colluding with property management bidders or other property management bidders to win the bid by illegitimate means; major safety liability accidents occurred in the management service area this year; Mass or leapfrog petition incidents that seriously affect social stability and normal social order, and cause adverse effects; other serious dishonesty or bad behavior identified by the municipal property management administrative department and the municipal property management industry association.

The above regulations are used as the standard for the credit rating of the property company. Take it to see which level the property company in your community is!

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