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How can property companies improve the level of security and cleaning services?
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With the development of the economy and the improvement of the natural environment, people's requirements for the quality of life are increasing day by day, and the requirements for life and work are becoming more and more refined, so the tertiary industry has been developed in an all-round way. Among them, security cleaning service is closely related to people's daily life. It is not only directly related to environmental sanitation, but also closely related to the quality of life of office buildings, shopping malls and residential residents. Therefore, everyone also attaches great importance to the service level of security cleaning. Zhishu Property has done the following work to improve the level of security and cleaning services:

1. Cleaning equipment is readily available

As the saying goes, "Sharpen knives do not accidentally chop woodworkers". A qualified cleaning company has a complete range of cleaning equipment, which undoubtedly creates good conditions for its improvement of service quality. Zhishu Property has a variety of cleaning equipment, such as sweeping mopping trucks, driving sweepers, high-pressure cleaning equipment, carpet cleaning machines, vacuum cleaners, stone care machines, etc., which provide guarantee for the work of cleaning personnel.

Second, the safety work is in place

Zhishu Property has established a relatively complete safety education guarantee system, including safety production system, production safety emergency plan, safety staff configuration, safety equipment configuration (fire extinguisher, first aid kit, etc.), safety record inspection, etc. For super-difficult and high-risk work such as cleaning exterior walls, Zhishu has professionally trained construction personnel, consisting of cleaning workers, auxiliary personnel and safety supervisors, to ensure the safety of the work.

3. Implement the training plan

Zhishu Property conducts learning and training for all cleaning service personnel at different levels, and conducts employee experience exchange activities on time to continuously improve the working ability and service level of employees.

4. Implement effective management methods

Zhishu Property adopts advanced and effective management methods, carries out internal collaboration based on DingTalk system software, implements distribution according to work, work site management, etc., harmonious internal and external relations, and perfect work regulations.

5. Improve the quality of employees

Pay attention to dress etiquette, improve service quality, civilized work style, discipline, and reduce nuisance safeguards. Everything is carried out in accordance with the relevant regulations of professional cleaning companies.

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