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Property companies are also one of the backbones in the fight against the epidemic!
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I believe that many owners and friends have also deeply felt that during this epidemic, various property companies, as the backbone of community security, have played an important role in creating a safe and secure community environment for owners. During this epidemic, property companies have spent a lot of labor costs and epidemic prevention materials costs, and are facing the same operating pressure as small and medium-sized enterprises across the country. For example: the daily disinfection of various public areas of the community, the daily temperature detection of people entering and leaving the community, and the living security of the community owners, etc., and the owner's access cards in most communities are arranged by the property management company. It seems like a simple thing, but the implementation of each thing requires a high labor cost and the cost of epidemic prevention materials. Therefore, the central and local governments have successively issued a number of policies to support the healthy development of small and medium-sized enterprises. Here we list the relevant policies of our Sichuan:

Increase burden reduction support: rent reduction and exemption, financial subsidies, etc.

■Increase financial support: interest discount support, credit support, financial subsidies.

■Increase fiscal and taxation support: Exemption from property tax, urban land use tax, and deferral of tax payment.

■Increase support for job stabilization: return unemployment insurance premiums, defer payment of employee endowment insurance premiums, unemployment insurance premiums, work-related injury insurance premiums, no late payment fines, employment subsidies, etc.

The central government is continuously promoting and deploying all-out efforts to prevent and control the epidemic while strengthening the scheduling and adjustment of economic operations. It requires all localities and departments to establish a special assistance mechanism for enterprises to respond to the epidemic, so as to relieve the difficulties of enterprises, especially private, small and micro enterprises. It is hoped that local government departments will learn from the governments of Shenzhen City, Hangzhou City, Weifang City, Shaanxi Province, Qingdao City and other governments on the basis of the requirements of the central government, and introduce more preferential subsidy policies for property companies. Property companies will also actively learn, dig deep into the policy content that is conducive to their own development, stabilize their own development, do a good job in front-line epidemic prevention work, and jointly win this sniper war.

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