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The new property law has been introduced, are the owners still worried about your rights?
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The new "Property Management Regulations" was officially announced by the State Council on March 19. According to the regulations, owners have ten rights and six obligations in property management, so that the rights and interests of property owners and owners can be better protected. And there have been many changes,

1. Change "property management company" to "property service company". The right of the property is not so great, and this one has meant that the property has changed from management to service. More emphasis is placed on the autonomy of the owners. Did you feel anything after reading this? Don't be in a hurry to continue watching.

2. Add "sub-district offices and township people's governments" as the guiding departments for the establishment of owners' meetings and the election of owners' committees. This is an institutional department established by the government for the grassroots, which can better protect the rights and interests of property owners and owners. It also allows the government to better and more directly manage the grassroots.

3. Through the decision of the owners' committee and the owners' association, if the legal rights and interests of the owners have been violated, the owners can now request the court to withdraw, and the owners can also sue the owners' association and the owners' committee. This means that the current property law pays more attention to the legal rights of owners. Stop worrying about your legal rights being violated when there is nowhere to go.

4. The conditions for the use of special maintenance funds, clarifying the voting rights of the owners at the owners' meeting, that is, "area" plus "number of people", should be approved by owners whose exclusive part accounts for more than 2/3 of the total area of the building, and accounts for 2 of the total number of people. Over 3 owners agree, which also enables direct participation in the use of funds.

Summary: Such a subdivision work is good for all aspects, so that everyone can understand the regulations better.

For owners, their rights are clearly guaranteed, they can directly participate in management, and they can have the right to veto the use of funds.

For enterprises, the transformation of enterprise management into services highlights the service functions of enterprises. It also made them more human, unlike the previous ones who could only act according to regulations.

For the government, it is easier for the government to manage the grassroots, and it can also reduce the appearance of disputes. It can also reduce the workload of the government, and this new property law is feasible in the long run.

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